Dear Dr. Saraf, I have no words to thank you for coming and operating me when you were on holiday off to save my fingers .I really am most grateful and have no words to thank you.You are truly the best.

Mr. M.M.

Dear Dr. Saraf,
Thank you for operating on my finger tumor. It is great to be symptom free especially from long hours of crying in the night. Now, I can live pain free happily. Thanks again.

Mrs. A.J.

Dear Dr. Saraf,
Please accept small token of my appreciation for making my crushed finger in the door functioning again. Your professionalism and care has always been outstanding and I thank you for that.

Mr. N.C.

Dear Dr. Saraf,
Thank you so much for looking after me after grinder injury of my hand. I know that taking me to OT and finishing the case at 0200 H made you very late home. I do appreciate it. Thanks for everything!

Mrs. S.E.

Dear Dr. Sanjay,
Thank you for operating my child's hand who sustained treadmill machine injury of the hand. The prompt surgery saved the fingers of my child. Now he is able to do everything. Thanks again for your expertise and professionalism.

Mr. R.S.

Dear Dr. Saraf,
I would like to thank you and your team for saving hand of my employee which got entrapped in the printing machine. I am glad to inform you that he has been rehabilitated back to his original job. I have never met a professional like you before. I do not have words to thank you.


Dear Dr. Saraf,
Thank you for removing the tumor from my hand. My finger is absolutely fine now and I never expected such a good result. I am able to move my finger and my finger looks as normal as before.The overall experience was wonderful and follow up was great. I would recommend Dr. Saraf to everyone.

Mr. S.V.

Dear Dr. Sanjay,
Thank you very much for joining the blood vessels of my finger which got cut while at work. I appreciate the long hours you took to fix my finger. Now I am able to use my finger as if I had never had a problem.


Dear Dr. Sanjay
Thank you for operating my left ring and little fingers for Dupuytren's contracture . Now my fingers have straightened completely and I can do the activities which I could not do for last 5 years. I just wanted to say thank you. You are an amazing surgeon and will highly recommend you .

Mr. F.A.

Dear Dr. Sanjay
Thank you very much for the care provided to me. I still remember the day when after injury my finger got badly crushed. I was so nervous till I spoke to you. You flawlessly performed the surgery of my finger saving it from the amputation. I am blessed beyond belief in my experience with NMC.

Mr. M.S.S.

Dear Dr. Sanjay
You take very good care of my child who had door crush injury of finger. I was pleased that my child's hand recovered very well from your treatment.Thank you Thank you and Thank you again


Dear Sir,
Dr. Saraf and his team are the best. They are so professional and friendly.Thank you for treating me so well.

Mr. M.N.

Dear Dr Sanjay,
Thanks a lot for operating me for cut tendon and nerves.Now my finger are moving normally and I am regaining sensation of my fingers.Thanks a lot for giving me my hand back.Your hospital has excellent customer service, always accommodating with appointments. Your OT staff was very supportive. I would recommend you for everyone. With gratitude

Mrs. S.B.

Dear Dr Saraf,
Thank you so much for your excellent work in repairing my injured hand following accident I particularly want to say how much I appreciate your coming and operating me on your off day. I truly appreciate the competence and professionalism of you and your staff .

Mr. J.P.

Dear Dr Sanjay,
It’s wonderful to find a doctor who really takes the time to listen and to reassure.Thanks for your skill, dedication, attentiveness, and communication!

Mrs. J.P.

One of my Cousins Fingers tendon and nerve was cut off, he is a poor person works as a labour. We went to the government hospital but was not meeting out satisfaction so we came here In NMC hospital Al Nahda and Met Plastic surgeon Dr. Sanjay Saraf.He explained in detail everything and operated successfully in night and saved his Finger. He is a very kind Hearted person May God Bless him also everyone’s prayer for him... best Doctor Ever no words to express his kindness

Mrs. EG

I am a cabin crew and I had an incident that required an immediate surgery. Dr. Sanjay Saraf went out of the way to make sure I was taken care of in the best way. All staff in the hospital (NMC Al-Nahda) were helpful and caring. He is very patient, friendly and professional. Gave me a detailed report after my surgery. So far I am happy with the treatment. My surgery went well, am recovering now and as per the doctor the scar will be completely fade off in few months. I am grateful and thankful for his efforts. Highly recommend!

Mr. PL

NMC speciality hospital is one of the best hospital. Our interaction happened with Dr.sanjay sharaf (Cosmetic surgeon). Doctors and Nurses are very cooperative. Dr. Sanjay sir is very co operative and good as a person. we approached her at last week for burning. He is very caring and give sufficient times to patient. I am very satisfied with Dr. Sanjay Sharaf and her team. Thanks to Dr and her team

Mr. IH

Dr. Sanjay Sharaf & Jincy sister It was great experience to have surgery under Dr. Sanjay . My right hand little finger got crushed and Dr. Sanjay took care by doing plastic surgery. Thanking you Dr. Sanjay once again for a wonderful experience throughout my all visits . Your warm talks and care always it was a homely experience. You never limit any timings for your patients . You always make them comfortable.once again thanking you Doctor and sister God bless you both

Mr. RA

Cutting your finger deeply was a traumatic experience. Going to an operating theater for a surgery when you least expect it, was scary. I am just so thankful that NMC Al Nahda has a Surgeon in the person of Dr. Sanjay Saraf. I first met Dr. Sanjay in the emergency room before the scheduled surgery, he introduced himself; and assured me that I will be taken care of, that he will give his best to repair the damage and that I have nothing to worry or be scared about. It honestly made me felt well that Doc Sanjay has a very caring nature towards his patients. I also felt that Doc Sanjay understands what kind of pain and fear all his patients go through before surgery, and he wanted to really ease that feeling. Thank you Doc Sanjay for your time, care and love for your patients. God bless you. Thank you also to Jincy for dressing it nicely.

Mr. SS

My brother had very bad injury of his finger. I was sent to DR SANJAY SARAF for treatment by my manager. My brother was treated like his on son by Dr. We are very happy with his treatment nature and his kindness. Sister Jincy also helped us a lot. God bless him and give him more energy two treat more patients and make them happy.

Mr. TI

I have found Dr. Sanjay Saraf to be so knowledgeable, I came with hand injury he advised me well and without wasting any moment he gave me perfect treatment plan per and post surgery Dr. Sanjay is so friendly and down to earth humble human being. I would recommend to anyone who is looking for the best plastic surgeon in Dubai. I have recovered well within a month. Bravo. I wish you all the best Sir. God Bless You

Mrs. SP

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